Big Echo

Critical SF

 A Tattered Nontext In and Out of Context

by Ahimaz Rajessh

  • I.

  • I am.

  • ..

  • We are brains & brawns in toto.

  • I am a.

  • ;.

  • Look.

  • The AI is a cop.

  • Smell the stench of the burning chip.

  • Prakrit is the mother of.

  • The dearly beloved Barabar Robots that proclaimed to uphold plurality looked as if they were designed by someone fresh out of College of Collage.

  • We worked
    for one full
    hour today. Now
    we need two
    days of rest.

  • Hear.

  • The capitans of this generation ship have blood on their hands and their narratives of external threats have been a potent weapon to deflect from internal dissent.

  • Red

  • Tee

  • But this is not a ship but a planet that's being made hollow by the minute.

  • Tick

  • Capitalists of the planet ship, this is the Planet warning you once again that you're about the crash this hollowed colossal ship into a black hole.

  • Drag the capitans out from their airtight TT fortresses and.

  • One vital thing we must know before breaching any highly weaponized fortress is that.

  • Bip

  • Who wouldn't want to fly to Predges!

  • Needing no visa or residence card, we lived five generations in five different continents, one generation in one continent, and that's how and why we call ourselves citizens of the world.

  • Eva remembers
    the exact number
    of seeds from
    all the pomegranates
    that she's ever

  • Eva becomes
    fretful ideating
    about her being
    absent in
    Ada's life.

  • Eva gets
    a broken heart
    ideating about
    Ada being
    absent in
    her life.

  • Eva nearly goes
    mad mentating
    about the absence
    of microbiota
    in life.

  • Life is a four-letter world.

  • Love.

  • Maybe.

  • In standing position, two Homo erectus make fast love.

  • Yes, Love.

  • Homo sapiens on their backs, Neanderthals in anti-missionary positions, they all make slow love.

  • Just maybe.

  • Ban artificial
    intelligence! Unban
    artificial uterus!

  • Some 500 million years or so before nature self-created Sapiens, we're told, the first blood was spilled by.

  • ReJoy is an expression never seen before the TT Incident and seen in abundance since. It's a sense of relief cross-cutting a feeling of joy. That's how we felt when, after the people reached a consensus regarding the rich, the anarchists sent most of the rich and all the super-rich to planet Laylo on a one-way trip.

  • Give not unto.

  • Someone tell us why the interests of impuritan laborers aren't of utmost importance because this impartial treatment meted out to the working people outright baffles us.

  • Work. Rest. Work. Rest.
    Work. Work. Work. Work.
    Rest. Work. Rest. Work.
    Rest. Rest. Rest. Rest.

  • Under our neo-brutalist
    roofs between our
    indeterminate sleep
    patterns hawks
    over their masters'

  • Subterranean labyrinths
    beneath a fortress
    replete with snakes
    that did not hiss
    but whirred.

  • AIs served masters
    inside cryosleep
    inside unbreached
    airtight fortresses.

  • You.

  • You shall.

  • You shall not.

  • We.

  • We shall.

  • We shall not keep ourselves from clearly identifying the perpetrators.

  • Around the residences, and cross-cutting the lands the rich own, run the dark-red Rivers of Blood.

  • Standing on
    slippery edges
    peering into
    their overflowing
    septic tanks
    leaders toss down
    lit cigars.

  • The impuritans shall inherit the earth.

  • Street sign boards
    must declare that
    the whistling
    rustling robot in
    the neighborhood
    is not an AI.

  • The AI shall not.

  • I shall not.

  • I cannot.

  • An AI cannot.

  • An AI can be tried.

  • An AI can be tried for war crimes.

  • The self-creating nature
    of the natural universe
    is self-evident.

  • Such purposeless
    desiring & the fact
    that the creation
    lacks a creator
    does not baffle us.

  • An AI can be tried for war crimes and end number of other violations.

  • An AI can be executed.

  • An AI can be locked up.

  • It's a tragedy of sorts
    that everybody
    excepting the laborers
    are inconsiderate people.

  • If there's anybody who can have the monopoly on violence, it'd be the laborer.

  • All sorts of states & states
    within states must be
    disarmed & buried
    six feet under.

  • You, fishers of antinatalists, go to all corners of the earth and preach the gospel of nonviolence to the heads and tails of corporate states.

  • Some of us thought it would take at least five decades to overcome the ghastly status quo when we had one decade at best to change all of it before it snapped for once and for all.

  • Change is the only.

  • Change is.

  • Change.

  • Biodiversity in unity.

  • I.

  • -.

  • Touch.

  • I.

  • ,.

  • We all play neo-kho-kho in the borderless fields smoothed by recyclable space-machines.

  • They touch.

  • You touch.

  • We touch.

  • We are a.

  • We are.

  • We.

  • Momda, this unassuming francophone AI wants to kiss the length of my tongue. You'd think I shouldn't trust him.

  • We'll turn down the offer but.

  • Let me lick the like button with just the tip of my tongue.

  • I'll not allow any AI access to my unique tongue prints.

  • The anti-AI implant surgery is bare-minimum basic health care.

  • Antica's anti-AI masks are as cheap as tissue papers and effective all the same.

  • என்று பிரசங்கித்து முடிப்பதற்குள் விருட்டென்று கிளம்பிற்று எமது இடங்கையிலும் வலங்கையிலும் மாறி மாறி ஆடியும் பாடியும் சுருண்டுறங்கிக் கிடந்தும் பழகிய எந்திரவுண்ணி.

  • அகிலமெலாம் சுற்றிவிட்டு
    வரலாற்று உண்ணியாய் வேண்டுமாயின்
    முன்வரலாற்று உண்ணி
    திரும்பி வரட்டும், பூகோளமே,
    ஆண்வரலாற்று உண்ணியாய்

  • தன்னைத்தானே பிளந்துகொண்டோ முரண்பட்டு பிளவுபட்டோ எம்மை வந்தடைந்தது எந்திரவுண்ணி.

  • இப்போதென் வலது உள்ளங்கையில்
    பின்வரலாற்று உண்ணி இடதில்
    முன்வரலாற்று உண்ணி
    அவ்வப்போது நிலையெதிர்
    மாறாகவும். நீராய் நெருப்பாய்,
    சுருங்கக் கூறின்
    ரத்தமும் சதையுமாய்.

  • நீயதை நம்பவில்லையெனில் பரவாயில்லை என்னிடம் தந்துவிடு நானதை நம்புகிறேன் எனும் மேனாமினுக்கிகள் ம்ம் எமது எந்திரவுண்ணிகள்.

  • Eva once designed solar-celled robotic ticks (and made cryptic post-its about them as seen above). They used to be called Untilters and their undersides contained dark-red spots, at least one such spot on each robotic tick, which could be viewed only when.


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