Big Echo

Critical SF

New Testament

by Fernando Schekaiban
translated by Toshiya Kamei

Humans cast their gaze upon the last sentence to be written.

Their faces reflected the ecstasy only the zenith they had reached as a species could give them. At last they had discovered and perfected all the sciences. Matter and energy held no more mysteries, atoms span and ran according to man’s will, and the rhythm signaled to waves with simple commands. Musical notes were mixed in trillions of forms with artificial instruments and the sounds of nature, leaving no room for more songs. The dance followed the paths of stars in their galaxy and all those beyond, those they conquered millions of years ago and reached from the beginning of time. The paint was mixed with all colors their eyes once imagined and those they only detected with instruments. They carved every being – physical or imagined – from all the corners of this world and the farthest nebulae. The letters were linked until they found the Word itself.

The last period awaited its appearance to seal the fate of mortals forever. Finally humans would be the owners of creation and themselves, as soon as they had known all that was and is – there would be no more. The quill fell on the sheet of paper and left an uneven ink stain. A broad path of tears accompanied it and blurred the last word. Man was surprised to lose his place as the most important being in the universe and recognize himself as God.

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