Big Echo

Critical SF

Three Poems

by Ahimaz Rajessh

 Androidog Days

Aren’t they waterproof
Those laptops!

(We get them)

Now if that isn’t
just the surface!

(It’s a parched earth
as far and wide and far and wide and far and wide as eye can see)

Didn’t someone say
grow your own food?

(Shines too long, here, if it
shines. Rains too long,
elsewhere, if it rains, at all)

Then till it!

(They spectacularly fold)
So why did you unfold?

Didn’t someone
hold laptops superior
to mattocks?

(No, duh, well,
at least
as efficient as)

Now then fold
them, hold them

(Days not to have
come, how come,
have come upon)

Didn’t some deem preserving
forests inferior to conserving power
plants and tea plantations

(Now, grr, this couldn't
get anymore
chaotic quixotic)

We’ve got seeds
aplenty gathered from
bird droppings

(Who couldn’t,
anyhoo, digest what
birds couldn’t?)

Didn’t someone
say they no
more migrate to?

So then

(Elelo ailasaa)

Till it!


When We Went Too Deep or Too High

It was either the zenith
or the nadir
or somewhere
in between.

Signpost LLnnd
whizzed above us.

It didn't matter.

We were there
and there it was
the void.

I took a particle beam.
I also took a tuning fork.

Past all probing
I came to the cliff
and informed the void
was devoid of Devi.

Devan too, I suppose,
said the conjoined Auro-Magda,
except you didn't peek
inside you.

Come again,
was my reaction.

You peek from
here, said Auro-Magda
in unison.

Of course I didn't
want to go again.

The sci-pher
conjectured right,
I said to myself.

The phantasms
emanate at surfaces,
not in depths
or heights,
which makes extremes
unsafe shelters.

Surfaces are safer,
and painfully
yet twice joyfully
I concurred.


androidogs & plastic bones: a sciéance

ink link clink
machines chin hine
coup pull copulate
con mate consummate

writ thin writhing
words cop copulate
rub shin rubbishing
leash sure pleasuring

err ring erring
words pose compose low love
like kin licking
mao ning moaning

press sure pressuring
words eat create spring offspring
rise sing raising tree wing thriving
be yin betraying

unworldly word worldly oral moral
machines ache sire desire impersonal personal ensue sensual
electronic ironic marriages rage trick electric lo loves
last plastic one bones droids androidogs


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